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The business was formerly known as Iniquinet , acquired renamed as A2 in March 2003 and the others is history . Not long ago i had the opportunity to try A2 Hosting free of charge ( thanks a lot Brad ! ) so that as promised previously , this is my consumption report on the net hosting service .

A2 Hosting : What’s In The Deal ?
First , let’s drill down just a little deeper on what A2 Hosting provides .

A2 is just one more webhost that offers endless everything for an extremely good deal – Lite , which cost at $3 .92/mo , Swift at $4 .90/mo , and Turbo at $9 .31/mo* . All three hosting programs are power by Solid Point out Drive Speed Increase ( FYI , SSD is a fresh type of hard disk drive that load faster ) . The Lite plan includes unlimited safe-keeping and data copy capacity ; while both Swift and Turbo accounts include infinite everything : safe-keeping , transfer , messages , domains , subdomains , parked domains and directories .

All accounts get access to all the favorite applications , such as WordPress , Joomla and Drupal , plus a shopping cart software for basic e-commerce ( additional software and applications , like a private SSL license and merchant bill , available at a supplementary charge ) . Shared enviroment accounts are often managed via the favorite cPanel control -panel .

A2 Hosting offers bunch of top end hosting plans for ability users , including Reseller , VPS , and Dedicated Hosting . We will dig deeper into these move forward hosting strategies later but as the test profile I registered is on A2 Best ( old A2 Hosting plan , equal to A2 Hosting Lite now ) , our review will centers mainly upon this shared enviroment plan .

* Be aware : All stated price derive from after discount price using promo code QUICK51 . For best reliability in costing , please make reference to public website http ://www .a2hosting .com/ .

My Experience With A2 Hosting Service
As stated , I registered on A2 Hosting Leading Hosting Plan in-may 2013 .Here are my key conclusions on the net host .

What I LOVE PROBABLY THE MOST About A2 Hosting ?
A2 Hosting rates of speed ( a whole lot ) !

Seriously , the folks at A2 Hosting are obsessed with speed .

We are discussing complete SSD solution ( your entire files , Operating-system , and directories stored in SSD ) with 10 GB redundant sites , 12 center server , and 64 GB Ram memory ; plus free Cloud Flare CDN support , Railgun Optimizer ( fill HTML 140+ % faster , free for Turbo users . ) , and multiple server locations between U .S . and E .U . ( for Best users only ) .

Things are even better if you are hosting a WordPress site at A2 Hosting .

In Oct 3rd , 2014 , A2 Hosting released A2 Optimized – a pre-configured for A2 machines WordPress marketing plugin . Exclusive for A2 users , the plugin provides car settings for your WordPress sites which means you receive the best out of WordPress . The officers cases that the plugin ends ‘the guesswork of the way to get the speediest WordPress page lots’ and allows users with the next functions :

Auto-server configuration – 6x faster WordPress page loads
Unique WordPress login URL
Auto A2 Optimized updates
ReCaptcha on WordPress login page
For WordPress users , this implies your sites get faster weight time and better security . When you often will achieve pretty much the same results with Total WP Cache and iThemes Security ; the pre server settings sounds tempting . I’ll post more improvements while i get time to check on this .

( Acceleration kills . Just 1 second reduction in site insert time increases 7% in transformation rate and 11% in web page views . Should your sponsor is not speeding fast enough , it is getting rid of your business . )

Excellent server uptime , transparency in operations

A2 Hosting is very translucent about displaying recent server uptime reports . The web site uptime is monitored by an authorized system called WebsitePulse from four different locations , Washington and LA ( US ) , Brisbane ( Australia ) , as well as Desseldorf ( Germany ) , every five minutes ; and the email address details are opened for anybody on the web .

The results ? All machines are getting together with or conquering the industry benchmarks .


0 downtime for days gone by three months ( as on Wed , 11/02/2015 , regarding to WebsitePulse ) – A2 Hosting is very reliable .
0 downtime for days gone by three months ( as on Wed , 11/02/2015 , corresponding to WebsitePulse ) – A2 Hosting is very reliable .
But that isn’t enough . We can not believe that everything we see online , right ? I monitored my test take into account some time and do you know what I get : 100% uptime at this time of writing* . The image here are my uptime record of the test site for today .

*Word : We signup and keep track of A2 ourselves , see A2 Hosting Uptime Review below for more information .

Flexible hosting Alternatives – a great deal of room to grow

Like I stated before , A2 provides large alternatives in hosting . Can’t find the money for expensive VPS and dedicated hosting strategies ? Go with Perfect and Best+SSD programs ( which cost a lower amount than $6/mo before my discount code ) . Want something greater than a shared hosting ? Go along with managed VPS and dedicated hosting ideas instead .

There is absolutely no worry you out-growing your sponsor with A2 .

Excellent customer support

A2 Hosting has very good reputation in term of after sales support . The BBB provides hosting company an A+ ranking ( by Jan 2015 ) . Among the reasons for this phenomenal rating is a complete of four customer claims before three years . That is right : four claims . From what I’ve seen , a great many other hosting companies get that many issues from customers within a month – or even week !

Recently we does a study and asked bloggers because of their hosting feedbacks . Here’s Lori Soard touch upon A2 Hosting –

Lori Soard , CORPORATE JUNGLE Mutiny

What I love about the most about A2 Hosting – Technical support is fast to act in response . EASILY send them a contact , they respond in under an hour .

A2 is a bit more expensive than my previous webhost , Downtown Host , nevertheless they have settled issues for me personally within minutes and also have a whole lot of additional benefits . Because of Jerry Low for recommend A2 if you ask me as i was getting ready to swap hosts . His reviews are always i’m all over this for web hosting .
Server Rewind Backups + Free HackScan

Have a closer look on A2 hosting plan ; it isn’t exactly like any shared enviroment discounts out there . The $3 .95/mo hosting provides several valuable move forward features that you can’t get anywhere else , including Server Rewind Back-up , free Cloud Flare , free instant SSH gain access to , and free hack check out .

a2hosting free hack scan features
Fret free hosting environment – server backups and hack scans are performed regularly .
Server Rewind helps easily repair your computer data from kept snapshots when restoration is essential . The service is :

Automatic – Accounts back up snapshots are used regularly .
Flexible – Regain a single record , MySQL repository , site or your complete account .
Convenient – Gain access to Server Rewind from your control -panel .
Free – Yes , that it is 100% free .
Cloud Flare helps deliver your articles in the faster way and blocks various harmful hazards before they may also achieve your site .

And , Hack Check out helps block episodes before they can invade and affect your site .

Updated August 2015 Introducing A2Hosting PatchMan

In recent publication A2Hosting announced they are rolling out a fresh security solution known as PatchMan free of charge . The security tool includes three degree of services –

Outdated version recognition – The machine could keep nagging that you revise or patch if you work with insecure , obsolete software .
Infected record quarantine – Patchman will distribute caution and quarantine contaminated files a day once they are detected .
Patching – WordPress , Joomla , and Drupal security issues will be patched automatically ( 2 times after the concern is uncovered ) .
At this time Patchman is merely available on distributed SSD hosting accounts and HDD machines numbered 81+ ( sadly I couldn’t try out this work as my test site is managed on server A2S80 ) . Based on the formal announcement , A2 is finding ways to put into practice this function on other hosting plan .

We are moving out Patchman on all Shared SSD Hosting accounts and on HDD machines numbered 81+ . As Patchman requires cPanel , our company is investigating ways to provide this service on our Reseller , VPS and Dedicated Machines as well .
You can read A2 Hosting announcement to find out about this

What I Dislike About A2 Hosting ?
Honestly ? Nothing up to now . A2 Hosting is similar to the old Hostgator – where I cannot find anything to complain on . The brand A2 is quickly turning out to be one of the best hosts and It is advisable to guys to check on them out asap .

A2 Hosting Uptime Review
A2 Hosting Uptime ( March , 2016 ) : 99 .84%

a2 – 201603
Test site was down for 6 minutes on March 25th , 2016 , uptime credit score for days gone by thirty days = 99 .84% .
A2 Hosting Uptime ( Feb , 2016 ) : 99 .88%

a2 feb 2016 uptime
A2 Hosting Uptime Credit score ( Feb 2016 ) , thirty days average = 99 .88% . Test site received hit by the 3 minute outage within this era – the rest was okay .
A2 Hosting Uptime ( July , 2015 ) : 100%

a2hosting uptime august 2015
A2 Hosting Uptime Report ( Jul – Aug 2015 ) ; thirty days average = 100% . Test site hasn’t decrease for days gone by 794 time . Impressive .
A2 Hosting Uptime ( March , 2015 ) : 99 .98%

a2hosting uptime credit score ( apr 2015 )
A2 Hosting Uptime Credit score ( Mar – Apr 2015 ) ; thirty days average = 99 .98%
A2 Hosting Uptime Results ( 2013/2014 )

A2 Hosting Uptime Credit score ( Nov – Dec 2014 )
A2 Hosting Uptime Report ( Nov – Dec 2014 ) ; thirty days average = 99 .91%
a2hosting sept uptime
A2 Hosting Uptime Rating ( Sept – Oct , 2014 ) , thirty days average = 99 .98%
A2 Hosting Former thirty days Uptime ( July – August , 2014 )
A2 Hosting Recent thirty days Uptime ( July – August , 2014 ) , thirty days average = 99 .7%
a2hosting uptime score
A2 Hosting Uptime Rating ( Sept – Oct , 2013 ) , thirty days average = 99 .98%
A2 Hosting Server Acceleration Test ( New )
We began to track server swiftness in 2016 , email address details are shown in the next image . Test site managed on A2 Hosting is pinged from 8 different locations and weighed against 10 million other sites ( using Bitcatcha – free , brilliant tool , go check out ) .

Test Final result : B+ , Good

The results were amazing ( 57 and 30 ms for US-based server , credit score a B+ in benchmarking ) – A2 Hosting is actually one of the most effective budget hosting services .

a2hosting feb 2016 speed
A2 Hosting Server examined from 8 locations , obtained B+ in benchmarking . For reference point , almost every other budget distributed hosts credit score B or reduced this test .
Other A2 Hosting Customer Reviews

A2 Hosting = Supererogatory Support ! “I’ll say exactly like I have already been saying up to now -and for the record , how every good journalist should say : I’m not affiliate with them in in any case ! Clearly , anyone has his own experience , but mine has been up to now excellent . They did for me personally more a lot more than what you can expect . The behavior of the support team has been supererogatory ! ! What means : performance of more work than obligation requires . I recognized it . And not just when I’ve require support , but also when they new I had fashioned virtually no time to do myself what I’m likely to do myself . WHEN I stated before : In a single term : Supererogatory Support ! !” – Francisco Baldo @ www .fcobaldo .me

5 Personalities for A2 Hosting “I want to say this . I am an extremely cynical person naturally , and grumpy . But Ross and Jason in customer support made building my website so easier when you are friendly , funny , and competent in order that they reduced my stress level at a annoying time working with coding issues induced by some third party extensions I purchased from another site . They is there at 10 am with 3am after i called and I never really had a concern they didn’t address in a hour . As an North american I like employing other People in america , and I was satisfied i was speaking people who spoke North american British and were found in the USA . THEREFORE I never really had a terms or cultural hurdle . The purchase price is competitive , they arent the least expensive nevertheless they are good . and taking into consideration the personal attention they provided me worthwhile every dab blasted cent !” – JB S @ AR , United Stats .

Reading more A2 Hosting customer feedbacks here .

Conclusion : IN THE EVENT YOU SELECT A2 Hosting ?
My bottom line on A2 Hosting is easy – DO IT NOW !

A2 offers mid-range charged hosting programs , excellent velocity , great customer support and a good variety of customizable features – the amounts and the reality I’ve acquired on A2 Hosting are just too good to be disregarded . This makes the webhost a great find for all type of users – especially web designers and internet sites that want reliable and fast hosting company .

For additional information or even to order A2 Hosting , visit ( website link starts in new home window ) : http ://www .a2hosting .com

( P/S : The links above are affiliate marketer links – if you get via this hyperlink , it’ll credit me as your referrer . This is one way I keep this web site alive for 7+ years and add more free hosting reviews predicated on real test consideration – your support is highly valued . Buying via my hyperlink doesn’t cost you more – in simple fact , I can assure that you will get the cheapest possible price for A2hosting . )

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